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Taste the real 

Indian Ethnic Cuisine

Our Story Begins In The East

Our founder and chef Ghai Satnam, had an idea to create a restaurant that was more than a place that served great food. Satnam with 25 years of experience on Indian Ethnic cuisine wanted to give locals a place where they’d always feel at home. A place where they could get no-nonsense food at down-to-earth prices, and where they’d be treated right by people who had a passion to serve.


At Asian Palace Restaurant we take pride in our qualified, experienced chef that combine and balance the flavours to conjure up exquisite dishes, a tribute perhaps to our belief in good customer service, quality produce and the importance of a comfortable environment for our guests to appreciate the wonders served up by our kitchen. Ethnic recipes are used to provide a diverse, unusual menu, while focusing on healthy eating. Wherever possible we buy local foods with most of our purchases from our chef's personal recommendations.


We are closed for the season
See you next year! 

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